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 Vincent Fontaine

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Il mio cammino

Nel 2012


Looking for a better understanding of my self, of the life I just started at the age of 18, I took the Camino of the unknown. I decided to walk the famous way of Santiago from Le Puy en Velay (FRANCE) to Fisterra and Muxia after the mythic city of Santiago.
2 month and a bit, in the steps of so many people.
I didn't really know at that time what I was going to discover. But I needed to change. To discover my self, and especially what/why am I here for!

What an incredible experience ! So personal, so intense, close to Nature, close to ourself, close to life and Humankind.

I went on april 2012.
Almost 1 year. I know I need a lot of time to understand all the time, all the experiences, all the meetings I lived from the Center of France to the "End of the Wolrd".
For me, it was very hard to BE back home. Not to come back, because I wanted it. But to be at home after a while, to meet your ancient world with DEFINETELY new eyes, new mind, new horizons ...

A man told me : "The Camino starts after the camino".

I've heard also : "El final de tu Camino, es el principio de tu Destino".

Actually : How could I live my life in the way I did before ?

Everything is possible after the Camino ! Even if it's hard, everything's got a meaning !

All of you !

I wish you the very best of life for everybody !

May everybeing live in harmony with itself to create Harmony with everybeing !


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